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Thank you to all who came to the show.

It was good to see friends, old and new, that we haven't seen for awhile and some we have seen in the last week !
It has been a great re-start after the past two years of no shows and of course in that time Jim never stopped painting...so you can imagine what our house looks like !
We hope everyone who purchased paintings will have many years of enjoyment and pleasure from having them in your homes.
take care, Jim and Lorraine

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2022 art show and sale https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/7/2022-art-show-and-sale art show 02art show 02 art show 03art show 03 art show 04art show 04 art show 05art show 05 art show 06art show 06 art show 07art show 07 art show 08art show 08 art show 09art show 09 art show 10art show 10 art show 11art show 11 art show 2022art show 2022

The show is all set up and ready to start tomorrow. With the wonderful help of friends, Erin, Derrik and Dave....our set up crew. We would be there half the night without them.

Thank you so much!

Here are some terrific pics that Erin took of the show. Thanks Erin!


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ravenfinds studio 2022 art show and sale https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/7/ravenfinds-studio-2022-art-show-and-sale

invite 2022invite 2022

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) art event paintings sale show https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/7/ravenfinds-studio-2022-art-show-and-sale Sat, 02 Jul 2022 23:10:42 GMT
helen mckenzie lake https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/3/helen-mckenzie-lake helen mckenzie lake  24x30 incheshelen mckenzie lake 24x30 inches


This painting measuring 24 x 30 inches is completed in oil and titled 'Helen McKenzie Lake'.

The painting is more inspired by the lake than the painting actually follows.  There should be a more prominent back

ground hill to be correct.  Helen Mckenzie lies in Strathcona Park, Central Vancouver Island and is a popular

destination for day hikers or a great rest stop before continuing onto the backcountry.  We ourselves have stopped here many times

over the years on our hiking adventures.

This painting is available for purchase at $475.     Thank you for stopping by, JJ

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) helen mckenzie lake lake morning park snow strathcona https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/3/helen-mckenzie-lake Fri, 04 Mar 2022 18:27:41 GMT
Deering bridges https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/2/deering-bridges deering bridge 18x36 inchesdeering bridge 18x36 inches

New acrylic painting, measuring 18 x 36 inches.  Titled 'Deering Bridge Rail Trestle'.

This was painted from one of our photos of the old railroad trestle which spans a side channel

beside the Deering bridge that crosses  the San Juan river, just North of Port Renfrew.

Available for purchase at $480.      Thank you, JJ.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) Bridge Deering Port Renfrew trestle https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/2/deering-bridges Sun, 27 Feb 2022 00:54:45 GMT
kludahk trail https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/2/kludahk-trail kludahk trail 16 x 20 incheskludahk trail 16 x 20 inches

This painting measures 16x20 inches and is painted in acrylic paint.  Titled 'Kludahk Trail' showing a scene close to the

Port Renfrew end.    The Kludahk trail extends approximately 47 km along the San Juan Ridge, East to West, parallel with the

Straight of Juan de  Fuca between Jordan River and Port Renfrew.  Not to be confused with the Juan de Fuca Marine trail which 

travels the same direction but along the coastline. The Kludahk typically receives 12 to 15 feet of snow but, on occasion,

has seen well over 20 feet of which we have experienced on our many snowshoeing trips in the area.  We have been hiking this

trail for many years and have enjoyed what each season provides, wild life, bogs, lakes, forests and some Alpine geography. 

The access points have changed over the years and just getting to travel them can be an adventure in itself. 

This painting is available to purchase for $285

This trail came into being with the efforts of Maywell Wickheim and a great many volunteers

but Maywell was the cornerstone.

Many of the items used to build the cabins and trails were donated and brought in through his efforts. 

It is now under the Ministry of Forests in agreement with the forestry industry. 




[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) hiking kludahk Maywell San Juan ridge trails https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/2/kludahk-trail Thu, 10 Feb 2022 04:02:22 GMT
edge of the ice https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/2/edge-of-the-ice  

edge of the ice 24 x 48 inchesedge of the ice 24 x 48 inches

New painting just completed in oil.  Titled 'edge of the ice' measures 24 x 48 inches.

The scene shows a lone Polar Bear patrolling the edge of the ice.

This painting is available for purchase at $580.  Thank you, JJ

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bear coastline ice polar winter https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/2/edge-of-the-ice Tue, 01 Feb 2022 21:11:21 GMT
atnarko river winter https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/1/atnarko-river atnarko river winter 16 x 20 inchesatnarko river winter 16 x 20 inches

This painting, measuring only 16 x 20 inches, completed in oil is titled 'Atnarko River'.

The Atnarko river flows into the Bella Coola River in the Bella Coola Valley, This scene was painted from a friends photo,

Jeff Bray at the Great Bear Chalet.    However, we have all stood in this very spot many times over the last fifteen or more years

to watch Grizzly Bears stroll up and down the rivers edge. 

The painting is available for purchase at $285.   thank you, JJ.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) Atnarko bears evening river winter https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/1/atnarko-river Sat, 29 Jan 2022 21:09:13 GMT
mesachie forest https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/1/mesachie-forest mesachie forest 2 -23.5x31.5mesachie forest 2 -23.5x31.5

Mesachie forest is another of our favourite places.  It is such an enchanting place with trails

that take you from old growth trees in the lower bench then winding through the upper levels and back

down to the lakeside trail.  The other side of the forest is plantation and you can walk along the tracks 

there and see the different trees.  Both forests are home to a variety of creatures big and small 

and at times we have been fortunate to see them on our walks.

This painting measures 23.5 x 31.5 inches and in done in oil.  Available for purchase at $650.   

Thank you for stopping by, JJ

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) forest lake mesachie trails https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/1/mesachie-forest Mon, 17 Jan 2022 01:25:31 GMT
Honeymoon Bay Ecological Reserve https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/1/honeymoon-bay-ecological-reserve honeymoon bay ecological reserve 36x72honeymoon bay ecological reserve 36x72

Titled 'Honeymoon Bay Ecological Reserve' this snow scene shows a cow and yearling Roosevelt Elk during a light snowfall.

This is a beautiful spot that we frequent, sometimes we are fortunate to see 

Elk along the loop trails by Sutton Creek.  Carpets of pink Fawn Lilies, yellow Violets, Trilliums are a few

of the wildflowers that can been seen here in the spring.

This painting completed in acrylic, measures 36 x 72 inches and is available for purchase at $1500.



[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) Elk forest snow white https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2022/1/honeymoon-bay-ecological-reserve Mon, 10 Jan 2022 02:44:01 GMT
autumn garland https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/12/autumn-garland autumn garland - tom thomson  16x16autumn garland - tom thomson 16x16


This painting is almost a direct copy of the painting 'Autumn Garland' by Tom Thomson (1877-1917),

with a few changes and a log added in the foreground.

Mr. Thomson was associated with the Canadian group of seven and he painted his particular painting in the years 1915 to 1916.

Although his painting was done on a much larger scale, this painting is just 16x16 inches.

Painted with acrylic over canvas and for purchase at $250.    Thank you, JJ.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/12/autumn-garland Wed, 15 Dec 2021 22:04:06 GMT
young creek https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/12/young-creek young creek  24x30  inchesyoung creek 24x30 inches

Titled 'Young Creek' this oil over canvas painting measures 24x30 inches.

Young Creek flows into the Atnarko River in the Bella Coola Valley.  This painting, from a photo,

shows part of the path of Young Creek after the creek was subjected to the flood of 2010 in the Valley.

This painting is available for $650.  thank you JJ


[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bella coola creek Young https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/12/young-creek Wed, 08 Dec 2021 00:35:21 GMT
the fishers https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/12/the-fishers the fishers - 24x36 inchesthe fishers - 24x36 inches

This painting is titled 'The Fishers'

A closer look (maybe hard on a small screen) will show the source of the title, on the Central Coast of B.C.

For purchase at $675                      Thank you, JJ.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bc bears boat coastline fishers https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/12/the-fishers Sun, 05 Dec 2021 05:35:35 GMT
evening at Botanical beach https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/11/evening-at-botanical-beach evening at botanical beach  36x48 inchesevening at botanical beach 36x48 inches

This painting is titled 'Evening at Botanical Beach' and is completed in oil over canvas, measuring 36 x 48 inches.

The scene is an altered view of one of our favourite places along the Juan de Fuca trail which passes through Botanical Beach.

A fairly secluded bay that is accessibly by walking along the beach at low tide or hiking back along the

Juan de Fuca trail towards Jordan River.

This painting is available for purchase at $750.  Thank you, JJ.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) beach bear Botanical coastline evening ocean https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/11/evening-at-botanical-beach Tue, 30 Nov 2021 23:06:34 GMT
northern lights https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/11/northern-lights  


I have been working at many paintings over the last few months, not all of them have made it to the website or Facebook.  We are working to get that done as well.

This painting, painted in oil over canvas, measures 24x36 inches and is titled Northern Lights.  Look closely and you will see two Grizzly Bears headed out of the woods. 

Available for purchase at $625     Thank you, JJ.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) landscape lights night northern sky https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/11/northern-lights Wed, 24 Nov 2021 22:01:00 GMT
Grizzly Bear Sunrise https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/9/grizzly-bear-sunrise grizzly bear sunrise - 20 x 24grizzly bear sunrise - 20 x 24

This oil painting titled 'Grizzly Bear Sunrise' measures 20 x 24 inches.

The setting is a partially logged hill behind our house on the South side of Cowichan Lake.

This area used to be frequented by Black Bears and we used to them regularly.  Things have changed greatly

and it is on a very rare occasion that we see them now.

As Grizzly Bears do not reside in this area, I have exercised some artistic licence by placing one in the painting.

This painting is available for purchase for $350.                 Thank you JJ.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bear landscape reds sky Sunrise https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/9/grizzly-bear-sunrise Mon, 06 Sep 2021 22:46:58 GMT
Green River https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/9/green-river green river  -  36 x 48 inchesgreen river - 36 x 48 inches30 x 40 inches

This painting titled 'Green River' was inspired by the river of the same name but does not follow it very closely in appearances.

Green River is only a little less than 30 kilometers in length flowing out of Green Lake near Whistler B.C. in a

north-easterly direction to join the Lillooet River.

I have under painted it in acrylic and completed in oil with a UV protectant varnish. 

Measuring 30 x 40 inches and available for purchase at $580.                                    Thank you JJ.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) Green Lake landscape Lillooet river https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/9/green-river Mon, 06 Sep 2021 22:39:36 GMT
klondike https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/8/klondike klondike  47.5 x 31.5 inchesklondike 47.5 x 31.5 inches47.5 x 31.5 inches

This painting titled 'Klondike' was inspired by a picture in a magazine advertising to visit the Yukon.

I was attracted to the scene for the colours and shapes on the treed background.  I have used a certain amount of

artistic licence with this painting but, the basic layout is the same.  The paddle wheeler is called 'the Spirit of the Yukon'

and is a representation of the authentic boats that tramped those water ways of times gone by.

This painting measures 47.5 x 31.5 inches, done in acrylic on canvas and is available for purchase at $580.   Thank you, JJ




[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) cabins Klondike landscape paddle wheeler https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/8/klondike Sun, 15 Aug 2021 00:04:04 GMT
emilys forest https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/7/emilys-forest emily's forest - 28 x 36 inchesemily's forest - 28 x 36 inches36 x 28 inches This is an older painting I did quite a few years back.

I have since repainted parts giving it a more 'ease of flow' design.  It was inspired by the paintings of Canadian Artist Emily Carr.  

It is not a copy of her work but rather rendition of her style, so titled 'Emily's Forest'.

Completed in acrylic paint and measuring 28 x 36 inches.  Available for purchase at $525.00


[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/7/emilys-forest Sat, 31 Jul 2021 18:59:52 GMT
chesterman beach https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/7/chesterman-beach chesterman beach 23.5 x 31.5 incheschesterman beach 23.5 x 31.5 inches

This painting started from a photo we took of Chesterman Beach in Tofino but, soon departed from that to become

a blend of that photo and thoughts of the old Spruce tree and logs on the beach on the Juan de Fuca trail at Port Renfrew.   

So a blending of the two to finish as a typical West Coast scene. 

This painting measures 23.5 x 31.5 inches, completed in oil on canvas. 

Available for purchase at $525.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) beach chesterman fog tofino https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/7/chesterman-beach Sun, 18 Jul 2021 21:52:31 GMT
chemainus estuary https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/6/chemainus-estuary chemainus estuary    18 x 72 incheschemainus estuary 18 x 72 inches This painting title 'Chemainus Estuary' measures 18 x 72 inches, on canvas painted in oil.

This is a reposting of the original as I was not really please with it so, I have made a few changes which gives a better perspective of what I was envisioning.

It is a long painting and may not show up as well online as the actual painting does in front of you.

The Chemainus river flows into the Strait of Georgia just north of Osbourne Bay, Vancouver Island. The access to the estuary is easy and an enjoyable walk to different points of interest with many photo opportunities.

We see in this painting a mother Black Bear with her two young cubs exploring the estuary and pools for aquatic nourishment along with some cub play time.

This painting is available for purchase at $675.   Thank you, JJ

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bears creek estuary river water https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/6/chemainus-estuary Thu, 24 Jun 2021 20:07:29 GMT
untitled landscape https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/6/landscape  


This painting simply titled 'landscape, it is completed in oil on canvas and measures 24 x 36 inches.

This scene shows a landscape that is purely imaginary, leaning towards a European or British outlook.

available for purchase at $525.  Thank you, JJ



[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) hillside landscape https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/6/landscape Fri, 18 Jun 2021 23:58:42 GMT
strathcona mountains https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/5/strathcona-mountains

This new painting is titled 'Strathcona Mountains'.

Strathcona Park is the oldest Provincial Park in B.C. situated almost in the middle of Vancouver Island.

This area is another one of our favourite places for hiking, backpacking and snowshoeing. Offering a wide variety of terrains and scenic outlooks from back country Mountain peaks to Alpine meadows and lakes.

Near the entrance to the park are many boardwalk trails that anyone can do or head out onto the backcountry trails.

I have taken a bit of artistic licence with the Mountains and a very slight lean towards abstract with this painting.

It is completed in oil over canvas and measures 18 x 24 inches.

available for purchase at $420.

Thank you, JJ


[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/5/strathcona-mountains Sat, 29 May 2021 03:18:40 GMT
peggys cove https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/5/peggys-cove I have been working on this oil painting for some time, it is painted from a collection of photos, but not mine.

The scene is of Peggys Cove, a small fishing village located in St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia.  Also the site of Peggys Cove Lighthouse built in 1915.

This painting measures 4 x 5 feet and it is difficult to see much of the detail online.  It is available for purchase at $1550.  

Thank you, JJ

peggys cove 4 X 5 ftpeggys cove 4 X 5 ft

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) boats cove docks fishing peggys https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/5/peggys-cove Thu, 06 May 2021 04:09:11 GMT
san juan river https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/4/san-juan-river san juan river 12x36 inchessan juan river 12x36 inches This recently completed oil painting is titled 'San Juan River', measuring 12 x 36 inches.

This scene is one of our favourite spots on the river. accessed off one of the logging mainlines.  About an hour of walking depending

on how wet it has been.  A high bank trail leads down river and to the rivers edge in places and is used by two and four legged fishers. 

Along the rivers edge there are some good sized Sitka spruce, Cedars and this year we were in time to see the trilliums and a few 

lilies that we had not seen in past years.

This scene is looking up river and I am planning on another painting going down river.

This painting is available for purchase at $480.                        Thank you for stopping by, JJ


[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) juan river san https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/4/san-juan-river Thu, 29 Apr 2021 04:05:14 GMT
tetsa river https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/4/tetsa-river tetsa river  12x36 inchestetsa river 12x36 inches This painting is titled 'Tetsa River', not the first nor probably the last painting I will do of this interesting river. 

The scene I have painted shows a grizzly bear crossing a boulder strewn back channel of the river.  The Tetsa has its head waters in the foothills of the Northern Rocky Mountain Regional Park, formerly the Tetsa River Provincial Park.  It flows northeast into the Artic drainage system then east through northern pine forests to converge with the Muskwa River, heading south.  A remote area with much wildlife and beautiful views.

The painting measures 12 x 36 inches and is completed in oil over canvas.  It is available for purchase for $480.

thank you, JJ


[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) landscape river tetsa valley https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/4/tetsa-river Sat, 24 Apr 2021 20:03:39 GMT
salmon run https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/4/salmon-run salmon run  23.5 x 31.5 inchessalmon run 23.5 x 31.5 inches

This painting titled 'salmon run' shows a scene of spawning Salmon.  Salmon is a common name we give to many species of Salmon.  Despite all the variations, generally, our Pacific Salmon start in fresh water, migrate to the ocean and at some time in their life return to those same fresh waters where they start to spawn and die.  Their carcases remain either in the water along the rivers edge or in the forests where they have been taken by bears and wolves. The rich decaying fish feed the environment as well as the beings living in it.  

This painting measures 23.5 x 31.5 inches and is painted in oil on canvas, available for purchase at $480.  Thank you JJ



[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/4/salmon-run Sat, 10 Apr 2021 22:08:59 GMT
caribou https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/3/caribou  

caribou  18 x 36 inchescaribou 18 x 36 inches


This painting is simply titled 'caribou'.   

The Barren Ground Caribou are an iconic symbol of Canada, especially of the North.  As well as being a 'keystone species', assessed as 'threatened' due to over hunting and habitat disruptions from human development, Barren Ground Caribou are the worlds top most terrestrial migrators. 

Most Barren Ground Caribou herds migrate seasonally from the tundra to more forested areas of the boreal forest. The non-migratory herds live and breed in the tundra year-round, with the exception of the Dolphin and Union population which migrates within the tundra.

Unlike other members of the deer family Caribou bulls and cows both have antlers with the bulls having the largest. 

Painted with oil over canvas, 18 x 36 inches and is available for $475.  Thank you, JJ



[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) caribou https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/3/caribou Mon, 29 Mar 2021 23:26:35 GMT
toklat river https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/3/toklat-river toklat river   12 x 36 inchestoklat river 12 x 36 inches

The Toklat River originates from glaciers in the Northern Alaska range in Denali National park. 

 In this painting, titled Toklat River, I have painted a grizzly bear making its way across the wide gravel bar of the river in the early morning, heading toward the high rugged country

of the mountains and slopes of the alpine tundra.

This painting is oil on canvas, measuring 12 x 36 inches and is available for purchase at $450.

As always, thank you for taking time to view my work.  JJ



[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bears river taklat vista https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/3/toklat-river Sun, 28 Mar 2021 00:47:04 GMT
beaufort range https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/3/beaufort-range beaufort range 18 x 36 inchesbeaufort range 18 x 36 inches This painting is from a photo and is titled 'Beaufort range'.  The Beaufort range is a range of mountains on Vancouver island, north of Port Alberni and to the west of Qualicum beach and is a popular hiking destination.  The highest mountain in the Beaufort Range is Mount Joan at 1,556 m.

Measuring 18 x 36 inches and completed in oil over canvas this painting is available for $485.

thank you for stopping by, JJ


[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) beauforts mountain range https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/3/beaufort-range Tue, 09 Mar 2021 05:19:11 GMT
converging creeks https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/3/converging-creeks converging creeks  16x40 inchesconverging creeks 16x40 inches

This painting titled 'converging creeks' it is completed in acrylic paints, measuring 16 x 40 inches.


We see a black bear contemplating the crossing of one of the creeks flowing deep within the forest.

Converging into one larger water way, the creek runs through a forest of alder, cedar, fir and maple into cold sun-lit pools

and by moss covered rocks, meeting up with other creeks, rivers and finally to the ocean.       

This painting is available at $525


[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bear creek forests https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/3/converging-creeks Wed, 03 Mar 2021 05:48:32 GMT
height of the rockies 2nd view https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/2/height-of-the-rockies-2nd-view height of the rockies 2nd view  18x24 inchesheight of the rockies 2nd view 18x24 inches This painting titled 'Height of the Rockies 2nd view' is another view of limestone lake that was posted recently.  As with the other one,

this is also completed in oil over canvas, a little smaller at 18 x 24 inches.

Available at $480  Thank you, JJ

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/2/height-of-the-rockies-2nd-view Wed, 10 Feb 2021 20:03:37 GMT
high country meadow https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/2/high-country-meadow backcountry  meadow  18 x36  inchesbackcountry meadow 18 x36 inches This painting, titled High Country Meadow, is from an idea I had from the cover of a book written by Louis L' Amour.  It depicts a high meadow with a weather front rolling in over the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming.  Measuring 18 x 36 inches painted with oil on canvas.

This painting  is available at $525.  thank you for looking in, JJ

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) meadow mountains tetons https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/2/high-country-meadow Sun, 07 Feb 2021 23:58:52 GMT
limestone lake https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/2/limestone_lake limestone lake 24 x 36 incheslimestone lake 24 x 36 inches

This painting is titled ‘ limestone lake ‘ it measures out at 24  inches x 36 inches, completed in oil on canvas.

I have painted this particular scene twice now, each with slight differences to the other.  In the first painting I had painted in the shadows from the trees along the lakes edge.  I have omitted them in this painting to give the lake a more clearly etched outline, as well a slight variation on the season.

This wilderness park, Height of the Rockies, was established in 1995 and is about a 550 square kilometers area.  There no roads that yet penetrate the park boarders but, some resource roads that lead to trail heads.  The park boasts over 60 lakes, many glaciers, alpine and sub-alpine meadows.   

This Park lies adjacent to Banff National Park, Elk Lakes Park and Peter Lougheed Park in Alberta

It is available for purchase for $ 625.00.             Thank you, JJ.


[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) lake park https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/2/limestone_lake Mon, 01 Feb 2021 21:15:05 GMT
red moose https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/1/red-moose red moose   16x20 inchesred moose 16x20 inches

This painting, is simply named red moose.

Measuring 16x20 inches this is original art completed in acrylic over canvas.

There is no story connected with this painting, I just wanted to display some contrasting colours with a subject of my interest.

This is available for purchase at $300.

Thank you, JJ

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) colour moose painting red https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2021/1/red-moose Fri, 01 Jan 2021 23:36:28 GMT
san juan river https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/12/san-juan-river san juan river 15x30  inchessan juan river 15x30 inches This painting titled san Juan River measures 15x30 inches and is painted in oil over canvas.

It has been completed from a photo I had taken while recently exploring the area.  The painting shows a very overcast day with mist

showing farther down the river.  The weeks before this photo the river had been very much higher with the fall rains, washing out most of the logs,

branches and debris.  The scene now is of a much quieter river, somewhat cleaned and washed stones


this original work is available for purchase for $525.  Thank you for stopping by, JJ.

 ravenfinds is also on FB.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) forest river san juan river https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/12/san-juan-river Mon, 21 Dec 2020 21:53:51 GMT
into the high country https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/12/into-the-high-country

This painting is titled 'into the high country'.

It is finished in an abstract style using simple lines and bold colours.  A style I used in my earlier years of painting.

This painting may contain a message for you or not.  It could evoke different interpretations to others if any at all.

On the surface it has three friends heading for the high country.  Led by the fearless and strong Grizzly bear, gently navigating the way with intelligence and the unparalleled ability of scent.  Next comes the Caribou, standing taller that the bear with a keener sense of hearing and sight.  Extremely agile, able to turn to assist either one or to seek out a needed alternative route.

Following come the ever steady, stable and immensely strong Bison.  Older than his two friends and perhaps wiser.  An unquestionable ally to have looking after you, always ready to stand guard while the others might require rest.

Why are they travelling into the high country?  That is for your interpretation.

This painting is completed with acrylic on canvas.  Original art measuring 16x20 inches and is available for purchase for $225.

I am presently painting this scene on a much larger canvas.  Thank you for stopping by, JJ.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bear bison caribou high country wild. https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/12/into-the-high-country Thu, 03 Dec 2020 22:28:39 GMT
grizzly bear sunrise https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/11/grizzly-bear-sunrise grizzly bear sunrise - 20 x 24grizzly bear sunrise - 20 x 24

This painting is titled 'Grizzly Bear sunrise'.

The setting is actually a hill over looking the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. The sloping terrain has been logged off other than this one tree that was left. The hillside used to be an area frequented by Black Bears, not so anymore. I have substituted the by-gone Black Bears for one Grizzly Bear.


[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bears black bears sunrise https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/11/grizzly-bear-sunrise Sun, 22 Nov 2020 18:46:55 GMT
mckay creek https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/10/mckay-creek mckay creek  - 30 x 40 inchesmckay creek - 30 x 40 inches30 x 40 inches

This painting of McKay creek measures 30 x 40 inches, under painted in acrylic and completed in oil on canvas.

Finished awhile back but has never been to a show, this painting was inspired by the many times we have frequented the area. 

McKay creek runs down the hills on the North side of Cowichan Lake.  A seasonal creek, sometimes completely dry while at other times tumbling over and around large moss covered rocks finding its way between Red Cedars, Firs and Big Leaf Maples before flowing into the lake.

This painting is available for purchase at $780.  Thank you for stopping by, JJ

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) creek forests McKay https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/10/mckay-creek Mon, 19 Oct 2020 17:30:23 GMT
south moresby island https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/9/south-moresby-island south moresby island 24x36 inchessouth moresby island 24x36 inchessouth moresby island 24x36 inches This painting is titled 'south moresby island' of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. This work is painted in oil from a borrowed photo and measures 24 x 36 inches. It is available for purchase at $680. thank you, JJ.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) coastlines dusk Gwaii Haanas moresby island https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/9/south-moresby-island Thu, 24 Sep 2020 22:21:35 GMT
malcolm island https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/9/malcolm-island malcolm island 36x36 inchesmalcolm island 36x36 inches

This recently completed painting is title Malcolm Island measuring 36x36 inches and is finished  in acrylics.   Malcolm Island lies on the East side of Vancouver Island across from Port McNeil in the Queen Charlotte Strait. 

Orcas return to the rubbing beaches, such as depicted in my painting, on Malcolm Island's northern edge during the summer and fall.  The fine stones and deep drop off must make it the perfect spot.  This scene shows a Black Bear on an early morning route down to the beach.

This painting is available for $680.   Thank you, JJ.



[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bear. island malcom orca rubbing beach https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/9/malcolm-island Sun, 20 Sep 2020 03:37:32 GMT
nitinat spruce https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/7/nitinat-spruce nitinat spruce tree        10x20 inchesnitinat spruce tree 10x20 inches

Nitinat spruce 


This painting is, again, from one of our many photographs, done as oil on canvas.

This magnificent old Spruce tree is on a little used trail in the Nitinat Lake area of Vancouver Island.

As I have said the trail is little used and has become more difficult to hike with a lot of blow downs in recent years.  Some very large trees that have been uprooted by storms have completely hidden the trail but this great tree was still standing last time we went in.   

Nitinat Lake is open to the ocean via a very narrow passage and is a great stop on the way to Carmanah Provincial Park.  This scenic semi-rugged area is worth the long drive in. 


This painting measures 10 x 20 inches and is available for purchase for $185.00.  

Thank you for looking in, JJ


[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) big Carmanah. forest Nitinat tree https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/7/nitinat-spruce Thu, 02 Jul 2020 23:34:32 GMT
spring meadow https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/6/spring-meadow  


spring meadow 16 x 20 inchesspring meadow 16 x 20 inches



This painting measuring 16”x 20” is titled ‘Spring Meadow’, like a few of my other paintings it is inspired by two or three places we have been to.  I have simply blended them together to create the image. 

Somebody else might receive different inspirations and remove other items other than I did  from those very same areas if visited but, for me this is what I took from them. 

The four black bears crossing the meadow could have quite easily been grizzly bears, I have changed them to Black bears only to give more contrast.  

This painting is available for purchase for $220.



[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bear black forest meadow wildflowers https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/6/spring-meadow Sun, 14 Jun 2020 19:32:51 GMT
shaw creek https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/6/shaw-creek  


shaw creek 16x20 inchesshaw creek 16x20 inches shaw creek 16x20 inches


This painting is titled ‘ Shaw Creek’ and measures 16 x 20 inches oil on canvas.   It was inspired by one the many times we have ventured into this area. 

This painting of Shaw Creek, which is the second I have done from our photos, shows only the edge of a small part of the creek.  Looking across the creek to the trees a Black Bear can just be seen looking out of the tree line (right side of painting). 

There are no formal trails in this area but many game trails leading from one meadow to another.  Enormous Big Leaf Maples, one with a mighty branch reaching down to the ground like the neck of a dinosaur, festooned with ferns and different mosses, tower above the grassy clearings.

Smaller Maples, Birch and Alder can be found close to being completely enveloped in mosses.

With a light rain the lichens, ferns, mosses and grasses are heightened in colour. Shaw creek itself, while on its way to drain into Cowichan Lake, winds its way through the meadows then runs quickly in shallow places dancing over stones.   While in deeper pools the slow moving water waits to reflect beautiful shimmering colours of the tree lined shore.  

Roosevelt Elk are the main habitants of this area but Wolf, Cougar and Black Bears also call this home.  The many day hikes we have done in this valley have never failed us in its beauty . 

This painting is available for purchase at $180.00. 

Thank you JJ






[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bear creek forest https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/6/shaw-creek Mon, 01 Jun 2020 20:43:18 GMT
black bear at wolf creek https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/5/black-bear-at-wolf-creek  

black bear at wolf creek 16x20 inchesblack bear at wolf creek 16x20 inches

This painting is titled ‘ black bear at wolf creek’, the second piece of this area I have completed.    This time showing a much different view.                It measures 16 inches x 20 inches painted in oil over canvas.

Seen in the right of this painting, a Black Bear is about to cautiously make the creek crossing.   

This painting was inspired by a walk up Wolf Creek. It runs off one of the hillsides of the Gordon River Valley and into the Gordon River finally reaching the ocean at Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island.

There is no trail and some of the steep sloped creek banks, completely carpeted with sword ferns can be quite difficult to navigate. Marking the edges of the creek lay many rocks and stones of various sizes ranging from small to quite large mostly all covered in richly coloured mosses. 

This water way twists and turns its way down, falling and splashing over rocks to pools of slower moving water until it falls again to another pool. On the lower benches large cedars and firs line the creek.  

 In places Big Leaf Maples lean out over the creek, mosses hang from the branches and on which the water reflects the rich green colours and dancing light.    Walking up the creek climbing between and over the rocks, carefully not to disturb anything, turning from one pool to another rewards you with one enchanting spot after another.

If you are moving about quietly one may be honoured with the siting of a Black Bear or some other species of wild life. Remember to be humble and thoughtful, we are the uninvited guest.

I am very glad I have had the opportunity to photograph and paint this beautiful area.  

For now the greater part of this particular landscape has been completely devastated from logging. From the cutting of the trees on the steep banks and pushing the smaller trees over the edges, erosion has occurred washing a lot of the plant life away. Many smaller trees now lie across and in the creek damming the water in places and changing its direction . A truly beautiful area… lost.  JJ

This painting is available for purchase for  $ 180.00.




[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bear creek forest wolf https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/5/black-bear-at-wolf-creek Wed, 27 May 2020 03:32:49 GMT
west coast morning https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/5/west-coast-morning west coast morning      16x20 incheswest coast morning 16x20 inches



This painting titled ‘west coast morning’ measures 16x20 inches completed in oil over canvas.

It shows a Black Bear that has just emerged from the forest to an early morning fog shrouded West Coast beach.  Most likely in search of small crabs and other aquatic life to be found by rolling over rocks with great ability and strength exercised in these maneuvers.

This painting was inspired by the many times we have seen these conditions on the Juan de Fuca trail.  This spectacular trail stretches 47 K from Jordan River to Botanical Beach in Port Renfrew.

This painting is available for purchase at $180.  Thank you for viewing, JJ



[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) bear coast coastline west https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/5/west-coast-morning Wed, 20 May 2020 20:20:59 GMT
strathcona park https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/5/strathcona-park Titled 'strathcona park', this painting is 10x20 inches done in oil over canvas.

It is connected with the previous painting as it shows Mt. albert Edward in the background slightly shrouded in fog and mist.  Hairtrigger lake lies in the foreground.

This painting is from one of my photos I had taken on one of my many trips into this area.  I have seen Hairtrigger lake in all seasons, a very pretty spot. While in the grips of winter covered with a heavy blanket of snow I have camped on the rise just to the left in the painting.

In winter up there the weather can change very quickly, a clear blue sky can become completely shut in and snowing in short order.  Watching the weather and knowing your destinations are essential.

Available for purchase at $150.   Thank you, JJ



strathcona park  10x20 inchesstrathcona park 10x20 inchesstrathcona park 224 - 10x20 inches

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) albert edward park strathcona https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/5/strathcona-park Sat, 16 May 2020 20:30:49 GMT
mt. albert edward https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/5/mt-albert-edward  

This painting is titled 'Mt. Albert Edward'. Measuring 16x20 inches and completed in oil on canvas. Mt. Albert Edward is in Strathcona Provincial Park, central Vancouver Island.   An area of many lakes, alpine meadows, Mt. Peaks and back country trails.
As a landscape painting it is showing an almost bleak sweeping vista. It is a painting from a photo I had taken a while back and holds many great memories.
Trying to summit MT. Albert Edward, getting stuck two thirds of the way up in near zero visibility and snow an having to return to 'base camp' twice in as many days.
At least a month later in August, I tried again and had flawless weather for three days enabling me to hike in, reach the summit and hike out again.
The painting shows a Ptarmigan in the foreground as they were on the talus slopes on the way to the top. This Ptarmigan is showing its plumage as it changes from winter to summer. All in all it's a great hike.


ptarmigan at mt. albert edward   16 x 20 inchesptarmigan at mt. albert edward 16 x 20 inches220 ptarmigan at mt. albert edward 16 x 20

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) albert edward mountain mt. park slopes strathcona https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/5/mt-albert-edward Tue, 05 May 2020 00:27:08 GMT
morning on the flathead river https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/4/morning-on-the-flathead-river
This painting is titled 'Morning on the Flathead', is oil over canvas and measures 18x36 inches.
The Flathead River originates in the Canadian Rockies North of Glacier National Park, flows South West into Flathead Lake. Eventually draining into the Clark River which is in Montana.
morning on the flathead river 18x36 inchesmorning on the flathead river 18x36 inches219 morning on the flathead river 18x36
[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) flathead river sunrise valley https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/4/morning-on-the-flathead-river Sat, 25 Apr 2020 21:52:57 GMT
fishing the west coast https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/3/fishing-the-west-coast fishing the west coast   15.75x43.25fishing the west coast 15.75x43.25

This new painting is titled 'fishing the West Coast'.  The scene shows a Purse Seiner in the early morning fog taking in their net.

Being that this painting is completed on board it will include a frame, and is 15.75 x 43.25 inches done in oil.  Available at $480.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/3/fishing-the-west-coast Fri, 27 Mar 2020 18:59:34 GMT
botanical beach https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/3/botanical-beach
botanical beach black bear 24x36  inchesbotanical beach black bear 24x36 inches



This painting, like the last one posted, is of Botanical Beach.

The description is similar to the last other than this is during a cool overcast day with a strong wind or perhaps a storm brewing.

The single Black Bear has come down out of the forest to see what the beach may offer in the way of food. Black Bears come to the beaches and will roll rocks over in search of crabs or other aquatic life.

This painting measures 24x36 inches and is available for $480.   


We are sorry to say we have cancelled our May show due to the present health risks, with the hope to reschedule at a later date.  We will post it here and on Facebook when that happens.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/3/botanical-beach Sat, 21 Mar 2020 22:14:35 GMT
botanical beach sunset https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/3/botanical-beach-sunset  

botanical beach sunrise 24x36  inchesbotanical beach sunrise 24x36 inches
This painting and a few others of the same area all inspired by our trips and hikes to and through the area.
Botanical Beach is located on the west side of Vancouver Island close to Port Renfrew.  Accessing from either Renfrew or by hiking through on the 47 k Juan de Fuca Marine Trail or by picking up one of the side trails offering day trips on the trail. The Port Renfrew end offers plenty of parking to access the trail and beach.

Botanical Beach Provincial Park is part of Juan de Fuca Provincial Park and is one of the richest tidal areas of the West coast. It offers tidal pools abound with aquatic life, old growth forests, secluded hidden beaches and interesting shale and sandstone rock formations to name
just a few things to see.  Also the opportunity to view large marine mammals including whales and sea lions.
In 1900 Botanical Beach was the location for the University of Minnesota Marine Station. For seven years researchers came from all over the world to study here. The Station closed in 1907 due to the difficult access. At that time there was no road leading into Port Renfrew .
Today Universities still use Botanical Beach for field trips and research

Painted in oil and measures 24 inches x 36 inches.It shows darker on the screen than the actual painting.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) beacn botanical juan ocean port renfrew san sunset https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2020/3/botanical-beach-sunset Sat, 21 Mar 2020 18:25:38 GMT
winter on san juan ridge https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/12/winter-on-san-juan-ridge  




winter on san juan ridge 24 x 30 incheswinter on san juan ridge 24 x 30 inches






This painting titled ‘Winter on the San Juan Ridge’.

 I painted this scene from a photo taken some years back.   My wife and I had snowshoed into this spot, a favoured area we have hiked to in all seasons of the year. The San Juan Ridge gets or used to get over some winters an accumulated snowfall of upwards to 20 feet.   Although we have not seen snow in those depths for some years. 

I have completed quite a few paintings of this area. The San Juan Ridge runs roughly parallel to the Strait of Juan de Fuca from approximately,  Jordan River almost to Port Renfrew

There is a trail system that you can navigate along  the Ridge, day hikes to multiple day hikes which I have written about in previous postings. On this particular day we had snowshoed all day and didn’t make our turn back until evening, travelling back on the frozen snow by moonlight, perfect conditions for snowshoeing.  

Measuring 24 inches x 30 inches x 1.5 this is painted in oil and just recently completed.

This painting is available for purchase $550.  



[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) san juan snow https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/12/winter-on-san-juan-ridge Tue, 10 Dec 2019 23:25:57 GMT
cowichan lake https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/11/cowichan-lake  


cowichan lake  24x30 inchescowichan lake 24x30 inches


Recently finished is the painting titled ‘Cowichan Lake’.

It is completed in oil paint, an original art piece. The location is Gordon Bay on Cowichan Lake, not a long way from where we live . I painted this scene from a photo I had taken last November ( nearly all the leaves are off the trees ). This painting is 24” x 30” x 1.5” and is available for purchase $525.00. Private message me if interested in this or any others or if you have any questions. thank you, JJ



[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/11/cowichan-lake Fri, 29 Nov 2019 18:24:45 GMT
kwai lake https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/11/kwai-lake kwai lake     24x30kwai lake 24x30 This painting is titled Kwai Lake it to like Mariwood Lake, two paintings below this one, is also in Strathcona Park, central Vancouver Island.
This scene was also inspired by a photo I had taken a few years back, but have only just painted it in the last few weeks.

I have exercised a fair bit of ‘artistic licence’ on this one bringing the background mountains forward a little, a bit of changing their skyline and shorting the lake that would be seen from this vantage point. How ever the trees are there and a few more.

I have hiked and camped this area may times snowshoeing in winter and hiking during the rest of the year. Often you might not see another person while at other times you may encounter many people as Kwai Lake being on the way to the popular climb to Mt. Albert Edward, a whole adventure in its self.

It measures 24 x 30 x 1.5 painted in oil over acrylic and sealed with a uv protectant, original art work.
This painting is available for purchase for $ 545.00.
Thank you for taking a look, JJ

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/11/kwai-lake Fri, 15 Nov 2019 01:27:58 GMT
atnarko river https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/11/atnarko-river I have taken inspiration for this painting from a photo I had taken while visiting our friend Jeff Bray at the Great Bear Chalet.  The photo was taken in the fall a few years back while the colours where is full swing and the bears were active on the river for the spawning salmon.
We had humbly walked the river trails for the past ten to twelve years and have shared the area with the bears, watching them fish.
Look to the bottom of this painting for a singular Grizzly bear, walking a river trail.

The Atnarko River runs in the upper Bella Coola Valley, joining up with the Bella Coola River and finally to the Pacific Ocean.
’atnarko river’ measures 36x48x1.5 inches, is original art, oil on canvas.    This painting is available for purchase for $ 545.00.

You can see the Great Bear Chalet here - https://bellacoola.ca/portfolio/great-bear-chalet/

atnarko river - 36 x 48 inchesatnarko river - 36 x 48 inches36 x 48 x1.5 inches

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/11/atnarko-river Fri, 08 Nov 2019 08:00:00 GMT
mariwood lake https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/11/mariwood-lake  

mariwood lake - 24 x 30 inchesmariwood lake - 24 x 30 inches







Mariwood Lake is situated in Strathcona Provincial Park, Central Vancouver Island BC.

This park is a favourite area for me and holds lots of good memories.  
Snow covered mountain peaks, alpine meadows, a host of small lakes and hiking trails.
I had been snow shoeing in with my back pack and supplies for a few days in late winter.  
The snow was melting and the temperature was on the rise, not good conditions for snow shoeing, but beautiful none the less.
Mariwood Lake was only a K or two from where I had camped that previous night, on the high ground
just off to the left of the painting.

I have recently completed this painting from a photo I had taken on that trip.The painting is acrylic over painted in oil.  I have found this method of under painting to give the painting a much richer, deeper sense of colour and texture.      ‘mariwood lake’ is 24 x 30 inches and is available for $545.



[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/11/mariwood-lake Thu, 07 Nov 2019 22:43:27 GMT
early autumn meadow https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/9/early-autumn-meadow This painting is titled ‘Early Autumn Meadow’, it measures 16 inches x 40 inches x 1.5 inches, under painted in acrylic then over painted in oil then sealed afterwards, like all my paintings, with a UV protectant.
This scene was inspired by a photo of an area near Prophet River which is between Fort St. John and Fort Nelson B.C.
In the original photo there is a horse and rider approaching from the right.  I have chosen to omit them for the Black Bear.  
The scene is to tell the short story of an early light snowfall that has almost melted away,  a lone Black Bear moves across the meadow to the tree line.  However there is still some late berries and occasional grasses to feed on.  Soon the meadow will be snow covered and the Bear will be heading for a den for the winter hibernation.

This painting was only recently completed and has not been shown.   It is available for purchase for $ 525.00.


   early autumn meadow  16x40 inchesearly autumn meadow 16x40 inches16 x 40 oil over acrylic on canvas


[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/9/early-autumn-meadow Sat, 14 Sep 2019 21:47:38 GMT
bison - running bison https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/8/bison---before-the-storm running bison  24x36 inchesrunning bison 24x36 inches24" x 36"
oil over acrylic on canvas

This painting is titled ‘ Running Bison “ measures 24 inches x 36 inches x 1.5 inches deep.

I originally completed this painting quite a few years ago, painted in acrylics, but was never really pleased with it. So it sat at home.  I just recently over painted it in oil seeing what I thought was the potential of transforming a rather lifeless inert scene into something showing the release of energy and movement. Leaning slightly to abstract.  I am happy with it now as I think I have accomplished what I set out to do in the beginning.  
 It has nothing to do with the wild fires that swept the province in recent years ago but rather an image I had.

This painting is available for purchase for $450.00.
Thank you, JJ.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/8/bison---before-the-storm Wed, 28 Aug 2019 18:13:29 GMT
height of the rockies provincial park https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/8/height-of-the-rockies-provincial-park This painting is titled ‘ Height of the Rockies Provincial Park ‘ it measures out at 31.5  inches x 47 inches  x 1.5 inches and is under painted in acrylic and finished over in oil on canvas.

This scene is painted from a photo of the limestone lakes in the Park of the same.  This Provincial Park is truly a wilderness area with no roads penetrating the park and no services, although there are some pit toilets and a couple of cabins,  the use of logging roads does put one to several of the trail heads that lead into the Park .
This Park lies adjacent to Banff National Park, Elk Lakes Park and Peter Lougheed Park in Alberta.  It was established in 1995 and is over 54,000 hectares in size. Within its boundaries there are over 60 alpine and sub alpine lakes, many glaciers and alpine meadows.  In this painting I tried to capture the vast remoteness of the area by turning the canvas around, such an awe inspiring area, you can see where the glacier scraped across this forbidding landscape.
This painting was only recently  completed and has not been to a show yet.
It is available for purchase for $ 625.00.             Thank you, JJ.
height of the rockies Provincial Park   31.5 x 47 inchesheight of the rockies Provincial Park 31.5 x 47 inches31.5 x 47 inches

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/8/height-of-the-rockies-provincial-park Thu, 22 Aug 2019 19:24:59 GMT
carmanah- giant of the forest https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/7/carmanah  A little behind again with posting the paintings.

 titled ‘ giants of the forest 24x30 inchesgiants of the forest 24x30 inches Giants of the Forest '

This painting has its inspiration stemmed from the Carmanah  Valley, an area we have frequented many times, Its a very long day for a day trip including hiking, stops of interest and refreshment breaks. It is all on gravel backroads and you can never be sure of the condition of the roads until you are on them.  
Although it is the Carmanah Provincial Park, don’t be fooled by the words Provincial Park. The roads can be very rough and the last few k into the parking area receive basically no maintenance, a vehicle with good ground clearance is required. 

Having said all that it is clearly worth the effort, following the trails in the valley is absolutely breathtaking with its towering Sitka Spruce trees.  The hiking trails were first developed in the late 80s, to try to draw attention to the old growth forest. The area became protected in 1990, although logging is done up to the boundaries.

‘ Giants of the Forest ' measures 24 inches x 30 inches, painted in oil over acrylic on a 1.5 inch thick canvas.  It is available for $475.

[email protected] (ravenfinds.studio) https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/7/carmanah Tue, 30 Jul 2019 21:58:36 GMT
sutton creek https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/7/sutton-creek ‘Sutton creek’ is the title of this painting and may actually be a little brighter than it shows on your screen.  
Inspired by the creek of the same name, this water course has it origins on the south side of Cowichan Lake flowing down through and around mixed stands of Red Cedars, Firs, Hemlocks, Alders and Maples.  On the way it picks up from other not named seasonal water ways, passes through the Honeymoon Wild Flower Reserve (where at the appropriate time of year has a stunning display of pink fawn lilies, trillium and other wildflowers )  until it empties into Cowichan Lake.  
On the banks of this creek we have been honoured with the sittings of bears, elk, deer, ravens, eagles, owls, raccoons  and one day a female Mallard duck who chose to go through her whole repertoire of washing /grooming only a few feet away from us as we sat quietly on a  stony bar to paint the creek.
'Sutton Creek’ measures 36 x 48 inches and is original art, oil over acrylic. and is available for purchase at $525. 
sutton creek  36 x 48 inchessutton creek 36 x 48 inches36x48 inches -#57

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beaver dam https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/6/beaver-dam This painting is titled Beaver Dam.  It was inspired by the beaver Dams we have seen over the last few years.  The painting shows a Grizzly Bear, however for our region it should be a Black Bear.     
A brief out line on Beaver Dams :
       Beavers build their dams mostly to provide protection from predators. The beginnings of construction sees them diverting a stream to lesson the water flow.  Beavers are capable of moving materials up to their own weight. Branches and logs are then worked into the mud to form a base, followed by sticks, rocks, mud, grasses and pretty much anything else available is used in construction.
The dam design is well thought out with the base much wider than the top to withstand greater flow and volume of water. Spillways and passages are built into the dam to allow water to drain off when required.
       These dams are very beneficial in restoring wet lands and providing habitat for many other species . The down side is they may cause damage from flooding and expanded water stretches.  
         We have a few dams in our area one being no more than 40 feet across however the top is at least 10 or more feet wide, now with grass growing on it. The interesting thing about it is the elk now use it for a travel route across the creek, a well worn path. this being the main dam of a series of three.
Don’t know how old the dam is but we have known of it for more than ten years.  Another of the dams we know is again one of a series of 3, the primary one here is quite a bit longer, not so wide but curved to withstand  stronger currents .  Truly these dams are  a masterpiece of construction .…  
This Painting is available for purchase, it measures 30 inches x 40 inches, original art and priced at $480.00.

beaver dam - 30 x 40 inchesbeaver dam - 30 x 40 inches30 x 40 inches

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clendinning provincial park https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/6/clendinning-provincial-park
The painting this week is titled ‘Clendinning Provincial Park’. 

The park of the same name was established as a protected area in 1996. There is limited access to this remote valley. Travelling on the Squamish Valley road and onto a forest service road. While about 200 k from Vancouver this area provides habitat for both grizzly and black bearish also provides a migration corridor for black tailed deer ,goats ,wolves and cougars.Although hiking is permitted in this area there are no formal developed trails . This painting was inspired by a photo and measures 30 inches x 40 inches original art acrylic on canvas it is available for purchase for $ 450.00 .


clendinning provincial park 30x40  inchesclendinning provincial park 30x40 inches30x40 inches

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Spring Show and Sale https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/5/spring-show-and-sale A huge Thank You to everyone that came to our show.

New friends and continued friends (not old, just good), we had a great time and hope you did too!

We appreciate your support and value your friendships.


A special thanks to those helpers who we could not do the show without.  We promise next time we will have new show panels!  

It was much easier this year with our new addition to the studio... our Skoolie as yet to be named, but a stellar star of the show.


We hope those who took home a new piece of art will enjoy it for many years to come and will follow Jim

on the website and FB for new works coming.


Thank you,  Jim and Lorraine.

ravenfinds studio

2017 Show Header2017 Show Header

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on the way to renfrew https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/5/on-the-way-to-renfrew  

on the way to renfrewon the way to renfrew#176
23.5 x 31.5 oil


The painting this week is titled “ On the way from Port Renfrew “  The inspiration for this painting was quite easy. One evening last year on the way home from Port Renfrew, travelling through the back way there was some remaining light backlighting the trees that were left on a ridge after logging.  We stopped and took some photos with the thought of a later painting. Just recently I finally got around to completing it.   The piece measures 23.5 inches x 33.5 inches  oil on canvas.


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manning park https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/5/manning-park This painting is titled “ Manning Park “ 

Inspiration for this painting comes from a photograph that was taken a few years ago on a visit to E.C. Manning Provincial Park.  

This is a wonderful park to hike in, so much diversity from woodland trails to high meadows. Easy trails to week long hikes with

views and spring/summer wildflowers in abundance.  One of the few places that has not been too tampered with.

Check out the link


If this painting has some meaning to you please like and share it.  

‘Manning Park’ measuring  36 x 48 inches, original art, oil on canvas. 

It is available for purchase for $680.  PM me if you are interested in it or any others. 

manning park - oil  36 x 48 inchesmanning park - oil 36 x 48 inches36 x 40 inches - oil on canvas

This painting and over 100 others will be on display at our next show and sale; 

this May long weekend, MAY 17th to May 20th,  at the West Saanich Heritage Schoolhouse 

at  7130 West Saanich Rd., right in the village of Brentwood Bay.     

Looking forward to seeing you there, JJ   


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bugaboo provincial park https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/4/bugaboo-provincial-park bugaboo provincial park  30x40  inchesbugaboo provincial park 30x40 inches30x40 inches


This painting, titled Bugaboo Provincial Park, leans towards impressionism with its simplistic lines and colours. This being done to try to impress upon the viewer the shear height and rawness of the peaks.  The Park is situated in the Purcell Mountains, located in South Eastern B.C. between Golden and Radium Hot Springs. 

Bugaboo draws climbers and mountaineers from around the world are attracted to glaciers and immense peaks that rise above 3000 meters in height.  

The brief park history is this, in 1969 Bugaboo Glacial Park and the Bugaboo Alpine recreational area were set aside. The Alpine Club of Canada constructed a three story quonset building for climbers in 1972.  Finally in 1995 the park and surrounding area  were combined to create the Bugaboo Provincial Park. 

Over the passage of time severe mountain weather has removed the weaker overlaying rock to reveal grant masses and sculpting them into spectacular spires that characterize the region.     

If this painting has some meaning to you perhaps you could like and share it.  

Bugaboo Provincial Park, measuring  24 ‘ x 30 ‘ original art acrylic on canvas. 

It is available for purchase for $525,  please PM me if you are interested in it or any others. 

This painting and over 100 others will be on display at our next show and sale; the May long weekend, MAY 17th to May 20th,  at the West Saanich Heritage Schoolhouse at  7130 West Saanich Rd., right in the village of Brentwood Bay.     

Looking forward to seeing you there, JJ   


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cowichan river trail https://www.ravenfinds.ca/blog/2019/4/cowichan-river-trail The painting shown is titled Cowichan River Trail, this part of the trail is within the  Cowichan River Provincial Park. The foot path extends approximately 20 km along the river with spectacular views over looking the water. 

While at some locations you walk through a magical mixed forest at river level…at others large cedar and fir trees stand tall along the trail, rays of sun catch and highlight mosses and lichen on the sweeping branches.  Sword ferns line the trail adding to the richness of the colours. 

Along the main foot path other less used trails lead off to the river bank while others take you deeper in to the forest to usually loop back again.  Still other paths take you to an abandoned rail right of way, now popular for further exploring by walking, biking, or horseback.   While walking some of these trails in spring we have enjoyed many wild flowers and  occasionally honoured with the presence of river otters, squirrels, bears, elk and a variety of birds.                 The call of the raven passing over head completes the pleasure of being in the forest.

Cowichan River Trail,  30 inches x 40 inches,  acrylic on canvas, original art.   cowichan river trail  - 30 x 40 inchescowichan river trail - 30 x 40 inches30 x 40 inches

It is available for purchase for $525,  please email me if you are interested in it or any others. 

This painting and over 100 others will be on display at our next show and sale; this May long weekend, MAY 17th to May 20th, 2019  at the West Saanich Heritage Schoolhouse -  7130 West Saanich Rd., right in the village of Brentwood Bay.     

Looking forward to seeing you there, JJ   


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