atnarko river

I have taken inspiration for this painting from a photo I had taken while visiting our friend Jeff Bray at the Great Bear Chalet.  The photo was taken in the fall a few years back while the colours where is full swing and the bears were active on the river for the spawning salmon.
We had humbly walked the river trails for the past ten to twelve years and have shared the area with the bears, watching them fish.
Look to the bottom of this painting for a singular Grizzly bear, walking a river trail.

The Atnarko River runs in the upper Bella Coola Valley, joining up with the Bella Coola River and finally to the Pacific Ocean.
’atnarko river’ measures 36x48x1.5 inches, is original art, oil on canvas.    This painting is available for purchase for $ 545.00.

You can see the Great Bear Chalet here -

atnarko river - 36 x 48 inchesatnarko river - 36 x 48 inches36 x 48 x1.5 inches


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