mariwood lake


mariwood lake - 24 x 30 inchesmariwood lake - 24 x 30 inches







Mariwood Lake is situated in Strathcona Provincial Park, Central Vancouver Island BC.

This park is a favourite area for me and holds lots of good memories.  
Snow covered mountain peaks, alpine meadows, a host of small lakes and hiking trails.
I had been snow shoeing in with my back pack and supplies for a few days in late winter.  
The snow was melting and the temperature was on the rise, not good conditions for snow shoeing, but beautiful none the less.
Mariwood Lake was only a K or two from where I had camped that previous night, on the high ground
just off to the left of the painting.

I have recently completed this painting from a photo I had taken on that trip.The painting is acrylic over painted in oil.  I have found this method of under painting to give the painting a much richer, deeper sense of colour and texture.      ‘mariwood lake’ is 24 x 30 inches and is available for $545.




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