bugaboo provincial park

bugaboo provincial park  30x40  inchesbugaboo provincial park 30x40 inches30x40 inches


This painting, titled Bugaboo Provincial Park, leans towards impressionism with its simplistic lines and colours. This being done to try to impress upon the viewer the shear height and rawness of the peaks.  The Park is situated in the Purcell Mountains, located in South Eastern B.C. between Golden and Radium Hot Springs. 

Bugaboo draws climbers and mountaineers from around the world are attracted to glaciers and immense peaks that rise above 3000 meters in height.  

The brief park history is this, in 1969 Bugaboo Glacial Park and the Bugaboo Alpine recreational area were set aside. The Alpine Club of Canada constructed a three story quonset building for climbers in 1972.  Finally in 1995 the park and surrounding area  were combined to create the Bugaboo Provincial Park. 

Over the passage of time severe mountain weather has removed the weaker overlaying rock to reveal grant masses and sculpting them into spectacular spires that characterize the region.     

If this painting has some meaning to you perhaps you could like and share it.  

Bugaboo Provincial Park, measuring  24 ‘ x 30 ‘ original art acrylic on canvas. 

It is available for purchase for $525,  please PM me if you are interested in it or any others. 

This painting and over 100 others will be on display at our next show and sale; the May long weekend, MAY 17th to May 20th,  at the West Saanich Heritage Schoolhouse at  7130 West Saanich Rd., right in the village of Brentwood Bay.     

Looking forward to seeing you there, JJ   



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