beaver dam

This painting is titled Beaver Dam.  It was inspired by the beaver Dams we have seen over the last few years.  The painting shows a Grizzly Bear, however for our region it should be a Black Bear.     
A brief out line on Beaver Dams :
       Beavers build their dams mostly to provide protection from predators. The beginnings of construction sees them diverting a stream to lesson the water flow.  Beavers are capable of moving materials up to their own weight. Branches and logs are then worked into the mud to form a base, followed by sticks, rocks, mud, grasses and pretty much anything else available is used in construction.
The dam design is well thought out with the base much wider than the top to withstand greater flow and volume of water. Spillways and passages are built into the dam to allow water to drain off when required.
       These dams are very beneficial in restoring wet lands and providing habitat for many other species . The down side is they may cause damage from flooding and expanded water stretches.  
         We have a few dams in our area one being no more than 40 feet across however the top is at least 10 or more feet wide, now with grass growing on it. The interesting thing about it is the elk now use it for a travel route across the creek, a well worn path. this being the main dam of a series of three.
Don’t know how old the dam is but we have known of it for more than ten years.  Another of the dams we know is again one of a series of 3, the primary one here is quite a bit longer, not so wide but curved to withstand  stronger currents .  Truly these dams are  a masterpiece of construction .…  
This Painting is available for purchase, it measures 30 inches x 40 inches, original art and priced at $480.00.

beaver dam - 30 x 40 inchesbeaver dam - 30 x 40 inches30 x 40 inches


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