carmanah- giant of the forest

 A little behind again with posting the paintings.

 titled ‘ giants of the forest 24x30 inchesgiants of the forest 24x30 inches Giants of the Forest '

This painting has its inspiration stemmed from the Carmanah  Valley, an area we have frequented many times, Its a very long day for a day trip including hiking, stops of interest and refreshment breaks. It is all on gravel backroads and you can never be sure of the condition of the roads until you are on them.  
Although it is the Carmanah Provincial Park, don’t be fooled by the words Provincial Park. The roads can be very rough and the last few k into the parking area receive basically no maintenance, a vehicle with good ground clearance is required. 

Having said all that it is clearly worth the effort, following the trails in the valley is absolutely breathtaking with its towering Sitka Spruce trees.  The hiking trails were first developed in the late 80s, to try to draw attention to the old growth forest. The area became protected in 1990, although logging is done up to the boundaries.

‘ Giants of the Forest ' measures 24 inches x 30 inches, painted in oil over acrylic on a 1.5 inch thick canvas.  It is available for $475.


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