botanical beach sunset


botanical beach sunrise 24x36  inchesbotanical beach sunrise 24x36 inches
This painting and a few others of the same area all inspired by our trips and hikes to and through the area.
Botanical Beach is located on the west side of Vancouver Island close to Port Renfrew.  Accessing from either Renfrew or by hiking through on the 47 k Juan de Fuca Marine Trail or by picking up one of the side trails offering day trips on the trail. The Port Renfrew end offers plenty of parking to access the trail and beach.

Botanical Beach Provincial Park is part of Juan de Fuca Provincial Park and is one of the richest tidal areas of the West coast. It offers tidal pools abound with aquatic life, old growth forests, secluded hidden beaches and interesting shale and sandstone rock formations to name
just a few things to see.  Also the opportunity to view large marine mammals including whales and sea lions.
In 1900 Botanical Beach was the location for the University of Minnesota Marine Station. For seven years researchers came from all over the world to study here. The Station closed in 1907 due to the difficult access. At that time there was no road leading into Port Renfrew .
Today Universities still use Botanical Beach for field trips and research

Painted in oil and measures 24 inches x 36 inches.It shows darker on the screen than the actual painting.


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