black bear at wolf creek


black bear at wolf creek 16x20 inchesblack bear at wolf creek 16x20 inches

This painting is titled ‘ black bear at wolf creek’, the second piece of this area I have completed.    This time showing a much different view.                It measures 16 inches x 20 inches painted in oil over canvas.

Seen in the right of this painting, a Black Bear is about to cautiously make the creek crossing.   

This painting was inspired by a walk up Wolf Creek. It runs off one of the hillsides of the Gordon River Valley and into the Gordon River finally reaching the ocean at Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island.

There is no trail and some of the steep sloped creek banks, completely carpeted with sword ferns can be quite difficult to navigate. Marking the edges of the creek lay many rocks and stones of various sizes ranging from small to quite large mostly all covered in richly coloured mosses. 

This water way twists and turns its way down, falling and splashing over rocks to pools of slower moving water until it falls again to another pool. On the lower benches large cedars and firs line the creek.  

 In places Big Leaf Maples lean out over the creek, mosses hang from the branches and on which the water reflects the rich green colours and dancing light.    Walking up the creek climbing between and over the rocks, carefully not to disturb anything, turning from one pool to another rewards you with one enchanting spot after another.

If you are moving about quietly one may be honoured with the siting of a Black Bear or some other species of wild life. Remember to be humble and thoughtful, we are the uninvited guest.

I am very glad I have had the opportunity to photograph and paint this beautiful area.  

For now the greater part of this particular landscape has been completely devastated from logging. From the cutting of the trees on the steep banks and pushing the smaller trees over the edges, erosion has occurred washing a lot of the plant life away. Many smaller trees now lie across and in the creek damming the water in places and changing its direction . A truly beautiful area… lost.  JJ

This painting is available for purchase for  $ 180.00.





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