mt. albert edward


This painting is titled 'Mt. Albert Edward'. Measuring 16x20 inches and completed in oil on canvas. Mt. Albert Edward is in Strathcona Provincial Park, central Vancouver Island.   An area of many lakes, alpine meadows, Mt. Peaks and back country trails.
As a landscape painting it is showing an almost bleak sweeping vista. It is a painting from a photo I had taken a while back and holds many great memories.
Trying to summit MT. Albert Edward, getting stuck two thirds of the way up in near zero visibility and snow an having to return to 'base camp' twice in as many days.
At least a month later in August, I tried again and had flawless weather for three days enabling me to hike in, reach the summit and hike out again.
The painting shows a Ptarmigan in the foreground as they were on the talus slopes on the way to the top. This Ptarmigan is showing its plumage as it changes from winter to summer. All in all it's a great hike.


ptarmigan at mt. albert edward   16 x 20 inchesptarmigan at mt. albert edward 16 x 20 inches220 ptarmigan at mt. albert edward 16 x 20