strathcona park

Titled 'strathcona park', this painting is 10x20 inches done in oil over canvas.

It is connected with the previous painting as it shows Mt. albert Edward in the background slightly shrouded in fog and mist.  Hairtrigger lake lies in the foreground.

This painting is from one of my photos I had taken on one of my many trips into this area.  I have seen Hairtrigger lake in all seasons, a very pretty spot. While in the grips of winter covered with a heavy blanket of snow I have camped on the rise just to the left in the painting.

In winter up there the weather can change very quickly, a clear blue sky can become completely shut in and snowing in short order.  Watching the weather and knowing your destinations are essential.

Available for purchase at $150.   Thank you, JJ



strathcona park  10x20 inchesstrathcona park 10x20 inchesstrathcona park 224 - 10x20 inches


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