shaw creek



shaw creek 16x20 inchesshaw creek 16x20 inches shaw creek 16x20 inches


This painting is titled ‘ Shaw Creek’ and measures 16 x 20 inches oil on canvas.   It was inspired by one the many times we have ventured into this area. 

This painting of Shaw Creek, which is the second I have done from our photos, shows only the edge of a small part of the creek.  Looking across the creek to the trees a Black Bear can just be seen looking out of the tree line (right side of painting). 

There are no formal trails in this area but many game trails leading from one meadow to another.  Enormous Big Leaf Maples, one with a mighty branch reaching down to the ground like the neck of a dinosaur, festooned with ferns and different mosses, tower above the grassy clearings.

Smaller Maples, Birch and Alder can be found close to being completely enveloped in mosses.

With a light rain the lichens, ferns, mosses and grasses are heightened in colour. Shaw creek itself, while on its way to drain into Cowichan Lake, winds its way through the meadows then runs quickly in shallow places dancing over stones.   While in deeper pools the slow moving water waits to reflect beautiful shimmering colours of the tree lined shore.  

Roosevelt Elk are the main habitants of this area but Wolf, Cougar and Black Bears also call this home.  The many day hikes we have done in this valley have never failed us in its beauty . 

This painting is available for purchase at $180.00. 

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