nitinat spruce

nitinat spruce tree        10x20 inchesnitinat spruce tree 10x20 inches

Nitinat spruce 


This painting is, again, from one of our many photographs, done as oil on canvas.

This magnificent old Spruce tree is on a little used trail in the Nitinat Lake area of Vancouver Island.

As I have said the trail is little used and has become more difficult to hike with a lot of blow downs in recent years.  Some very large trees that have been uprooted by storms have completely hidden the trail but this great tree was still standing last time we went in.   

Nitinat Lake is open to the ocean via a very narrow passage and is a great stop on the way to Carmanah Provincial Park.  This scenic semi-rugged area is worth the long drive in. 


This painting measures 10 x 20 inches and is available for purchase for $185.00.  

Thank you for looking in, JJ



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