caribou  18 x 36 inchescaribou 18 x 36 inches


This painting is simply titled 'caribou'.   

The Barren Ground Caribou are an iconic symbol of Canada, especially of the North.  As well as being a 'keystone species', assessed as 'threatened' due to over hunting and habitat disruptions from human development, Barren Ground Caribou are the worlds top most terrestrial migrators. 

Most Barren Ground Caribou herds migrate seasonally from the tundra to more forested areas of the boreal forest. The non-migratory herds live and breed in the tundra year-round, with the exception of the Dolphin and Union population which migrates within the tundra.

Unlike other members of the deer family Caribou bulls and cows both have antlers with the bulls having the largest. 

Painted with oil over canvas, 18 x 36 inches and is available for $475.  Thank you, JJ




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