Welcome to my comments and insights for some of my paintings.

I hope you find them interesting. JJ

into the high country

December 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

into the high countryinto the high country

This painting is titled 'into the high country'.

It is finished in an abstract style using simple lines and bold colours.  A style I used in my earlier years of painting.

This painting may contain a message for you or not.  It could evoke different interpretations to others if any at all.

On the surface it has three friends heading for the high country.  Led by the fearless and strong Grizzly bear, gently navigating the way with intelligence and the unparalleled ability of scent.  Next comes the Caribou, standing taller that the bear with a keener sense of hearing and sight.  Extremely agile, able to turn to assist either one or to seek out a needed alternative route.

Following come the ever steady, stable and immensely strong Bison.  Older than his two friends and perhaps wiser.  An unquestionable ally to have looking after you, always ready to stand guard while the others might require rest.

Why are they travelling into the high country?  That is for your interpretation.

This painting is completed with acrylic on canvas.  Original art measuring 16x20 inches and is available for purchase for $225.

I am presently painting this scene on a much larger canvas.  Thank you for stopping by, JJ.

grizzly bear sunrise

November 22, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

grizzly bear sunrise - 20 x 24grizzly bear sunrise - 20 x 24

This painting is titled 'Grizzly Bear sunrise'.

The setting is actually a hill over looking the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. The sloping terrain has been logged off other than this one tree that was left. The hillside used to be an area frequented by Black Bears, not so anymore. I have substituted the by-gone Black Bears for one Grizzly Bear.


mckay creek

October 19, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

mckay creek  - 30 x 40 inchesmckay creek - 30 x 40 inches30 x 40 inches

This painting of McKay creek measures 30 x 40 inches, under painted in acrylic and completed in oil on canvas.

Finished awhile back but has never been to a show, this painting was inspired by the many times we have frequented the area. 

McKay creek runs down the hills on the North side of Cowichan Lake.  A seasonal creek, sometimes completely dry while at other times tumbling over and around large moss covered rocks finding its way between Red Cedars, Firs and Big Leaf Maples before flowing into the lake.

This painting is available for purchase at $780.  Thank you for stopping by, JJ

south moresby island

September 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

south moresby island 24x36 inchessouth moresby island 24x36 inchessouth moresby island 24x36 inches This painting is titled 'south moresby island' of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. This work is painted in oil from a borrowed photo and measures 24 x 36 inches. It is available for purchase at $680. thank you, JJ.

malcolm island

September 19, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

malcolm island 36x36 inchesmalcolm island 36x36 inches

This recently completed painting is title Malcolm Island measuring 36x36 inches and is finished  in acrylics.   Malcolm Island lies on the East side of Vancouver Island across from Port McNeil in the Queen Charlotte Strait. 

Orcas return to the rubbing beaches, such as depicted in my painting, on Malcolm Island's northern edge during the summer and fall.  The fine stones and deep drop off must make it the perfect spot.  This scene shows a Black Bear on an early morning route down to the beach.

This painting is available for $680.   Thank you, JJ.