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chesterman beach 23.5 x 31.5 incheschemainus estuary    18 x 72 inchesuntitled landscape  24x36 inchesstrathcona Mountains  18 x 24 inchespeggys cove 4 X 5 ftsan juan river 12x36 inchestetsa river  12x36 inchescaribou  18 x 36 inchesmuskwa range 18 x 36 incheswells gray  31.5 x 31.5 inchesfairy lake side channel  16 x 20 inchesbeaufort range 18 x 36 inchesconverging creeks  16x40 inchesheight of the rockies 2nd view  18x24 inchesbackcountry  meadow  18 x36  inchesred moose   16x20 inchesold trestle 16x20 inchesalders at maple point  16x20 incheseden grove 2nd view  20x20 incheseden grove 16x20  inches